“Everything Happens for a Reason”

The tricky part for me though is that pain still hurts. Suffering doesn’t just automatically get easier to handle when we trust that God has a reason for it. I still need consolation when life is hard and I have to admit that I’m not at the point yet where faith alone provides that for me. So, where else do we turn when we need comfort during trying times?

Pushing the Limits

Unfortunately, I was convinced that if I couldn’t even forgive myself for what I’d done, there was no way God would either. It was easier to pretend that He had washed His hands of me, instead of the other way around.

On Demand

About a year ago, someone in my immediate family was up for a job that seemed like a perfect fit. From my perspective, the position appeared like it was tailor-made and the timing couldn’t be better. Even though it didn’t technically involve me, I was highly invested in the outcome as it would allow that … Continue reading On Demand

Church People

I never wanted to be a church person. You know the type I’m talking about. They’re the ones who can call up an appropriate Bible verse for every life circumstance, who gift you unwanted Christian books on holidays, who raise their hands when they sing in church.